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Boskalis jaarverslagen 2012

Policy, strategy and objectives


Urbanization, economic development, climate change and more extreme weather represent a challenge for the sustainable socio-economic development of deltas and coastal regions. In addition, mining firms and oil and gas companies are taking their search for ore, oil and gas ever further, and that includes developing sensitive areas. As a result, sustainable initiatives have become essential throughout the spectrum of our services.

Boskalis supplies services to clients in specific market segments and in seven geographical regions. We focus on sustainable, long-term growth. Long-term profitability is a material condition for achieving our corporate goals and for the continued growth of our company. It is a measure of the company’s efficiency and of.the ultimate value that clients attach to the services we supply. Without profit and without a robust financial base it would not be possible to meet our responsibilities.

Our CSR policy seeks to achieve a healthy balance between economic value creation for our stakeholders and our business on the one hand, and care for the environment and societal and social responsibility on the other.

Strategy and objectives

Our CSR policy focuses on the key areas which are of material importance to ourselves and our stakeholders, where we have a.significant impact and which we are able to influence. The dialogue with our stakeholders about our mutual needs and interests is one of the cornerstones of our CSR policy.

In our policy and strategy, we follow our general business principles, which are based on international guidelines such as the.United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Our corporate strategy, the dialogue with our stakeholders and the results of benchmark tests have resulted in our CSR strategy, which is based on the three pillars below. For a detailed description of our corporate strategy, please refer to pages 10-14 of our 2014 Annual Report.


Our solutions create shared value for our clients, the environment and society. That sets us apart from our competitors. The wide diversity of our markets and clients means that we must engage indifferent emphases and priorities. We use the tailored solutions that we can offer with our eco-engineering capacity to optimize project feasibility, both for clients at the top end of the S curve–who want us to provide integrated, innovative services or turnkey solutions – and for clients at the bottom of the curve who.are looking for relatively straightforward, standard services.
Our eco-engineering solutions are based on the Building with Nature philosophy (see also the chapter Eco-engineering) Our long-term objective is to apply that philosophy to all our projects. For the short-term we aim to execute a least one Building with Nature type project per year.


We see innovation and greater sustainability in the supply chain as one of the core components of our CSR strategy. To make our supply chain more sustainable still, we will intensify and deepen of.the dialogue with second-line suppliers within our Dredging and.Offshore Energy activities. Together with our supply chain partners, we are continuing to work on innovative developments in.the area of cleaner engines and environmentally friendly fuels, energy savings, the sustainable dismantling of our vessels, as well as cradle-to-cradle and recycling concepts. In the chain, we have a code of conduct for our suppliers and we conduct an annual implementation scan to assess compliance.
It is our ambition to increase the sustainability of the supply chain. The pace will depend in part on economic feasibility. Our short-term ambition focuses on the next three years, with the aim being to tackle, on the basis of the Meet the Buyer meetings, five initiatives in collaboration with our partners that have the potential to further enhance the sustainability of the chain.
In addition, we wish to extend our implementation scans further to cover second-line suppliers and include more suppliers located outside Europe.
Safety is a core value for us. In our Dredging division, our safety program NINA (No Injuries No Accidents) has already been implemented widely for a number of years now and it has, in the meantime, become a self-evident part of our working procedures. The implementation and acceptance of NINA is also a high priority in the Offshore Energy division. Introduction and staff training began in 2013 and in 2015 the program will be introduced within Dockwise. Our goal continues to be No Injuries No Accidents.


In line with the 2014-2016 Corporate Business Plan, preparations were made for the introduction of the new divisional structure during the course of 2014. Our CSR reporting system will be adapted accordingly and further streamline in 2015. Our aim is to be reporting in accordance with the GRI4 guidelines within three years and to have the entire CSR report verified by anindependent assurance provider.

To further strengthen our organization, we are investing in the development and well-being of our colleagues. For us, they are indispensable in terms of performing our work effectively and in terms of their contribution to our leading market position. Our training program is constantly being developed so that we continue to respond to market demands.

We take a more detailed look at this area elsewhere in this report.

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