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Boskalis jaarverslagen 2012

Our clients

Our main clients are oil, gas and energy companies, port operators, governments, shipping companies, international project developers, insurance companies and mining firms. Boskalis concentrates on market segments which demonstrate structural long-term growth: Energy and Ports. Within these two market segments we concentrate on seven geographic regions: Northwest Europe, East and West Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia, Australia, Brazil and the Gulf of Mexico. For an update on the latest market developments, please refer to the chapters Strategy and Report of the Board of Management sections  on pages 10-14, 32 and 58 of our 2014 Annual Report.

Dialogue and cooperation in the chain

A growing group of clients are asking us to act as contract partner from the (pre-)design stage right through to complete execution. This allows us to use our engineering and environmental expertise to the full. In all cases we draw attention to.our eco-engineering expertise based on the Building with Nature philosophy. In addition, the majority of our clients embrace our NINA safety program. This has resulted in a number of safety awards (see chapter Safety).

Sharing knowledge, education, information, and exchanging experience with our clients are important to us. These are the core objectives of the ‘Dredging and Reclamation’ training program established by the sector, to which Boskalis made a substantial contribution. The program has already been completed by approximately two thousand people. Clients – port authorities, engineering firms and government agencies – make up approximately 70-80% of the participants. Talented students from developing countries have also attended the course. As a rule, the course is organized annually in Europe and Asia. In part as a response to requests from people who have attended the course in the past, a second seminar was launched a few years ago: the two-day course ‘Environmental Aspects of Dredging’.

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