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Boskalis jaarverslagen 2012


Safety is a core value of our company. We want our employees to be able to do their work safely and to get home safe and well. Our objective is ‘No Injuries No Accidents’ (NINA) and this is also the name we chose for our safety program. Based on our values, the NINA safety program has yielded good results since its introduction in 2010. NINA makes working safely a shared responsibility that can be discussed openly at all levels of the organization, as well as with joint venture partners, clients and subcontractors. In our company, which has undergone major changes as a result of the recent acquisitions, it has become clear that NINA is an effective means to make the integration successful. NINA is part of our identity; the rules and values are a clear statement of what we stand for and that makes people feel proud. When we introduce NINA in new activities within the company we see that the program makes it easier to embrace the Boskalis identity. This positive energy can be felt throughout the entire company. NINA also attracts a great deal of positive attention both within and outside the industry and from our clients.

The degree to which NINA has been implemented varies within our company. At Dredging we have been working according to this way of thinking for several years now. Here, NINA is widely accepted and has become a natural part of the work that we do. In 2013 introduction began at the new Offshore Energy division. 2015 will see the safety program introduced at Salvage and a further roll out within the Offshore Energy division including Dockwise as well as to the former MNO Vervat employees of Boskalis Nederland. By then NINA will have been introduced throughout the organization. In light of our strategy to place towage activities at arm’s length in joint ventures, Towage applies its own safety program in close consultation with the respective joint venture partners.

NINA is very valuable to our staff. The statistics paint a convincing picture. Since NINA was introduced in 2010 the Lost Time Injury Frequency (LTIF), a figure expressing the number of incidents per 200,000 hours worked resulting in sick leave, has fallen by more than 85% (from 0.67 to 0.09). Prevention is an important part of safety awareness. Employees can prevent accidents by using Safety Hazard Observation Cards (SHOCs) to report dangerous situations. The number of SHOC reports in 2014 was 7,636 (2013: 5,391), in addition to which 1,031 near misses were reported (2013: 611). We see SHOC and near miss reporting as a proxy measure for the proactive safety culture within the organization. NINA encourages reporting on such situations to allow us to make proactive adjustments. Despite both the relatively high risk profile associated with our activities and the considerable growth of our company, 2014 saw a further decline in the LTIF .gure to 0.09 (from 0.11 in 2013). Both our LTIF figure and near misses score mean that we comfortably meet the standards applicable in the oil and gas industry that is so important to us. For detailed reporting on our safety policy and our safety performance, please refer to our CSR report.

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