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Boskalis jaarverslagen 2012

Policy and objectives

‘Environmental excellence’ is becoming increasingly important in the sustainable management and development of vulnerable river, delta and coastal areas of the world. This is precisely where a substantial part of our work is located. In addition, mining firms and oil and gas companies are taking their search for ore, oil and gas ever further, and that includes developing sensitive areas. This makes sustainable initiatives essential, not only in our dredging operations but also in our offshore services.

The wide diversity of our markets and clients means that we must engage in different emphases and priorities. We use the tailored solutions that we can offer with our eco-engineering capacity to optimize project feasibility, both for clients at the top end of the S curve – who want us to provide integrated, innovative services or turnkey solutions – and for clients at the botton of that curve who are looking for relatively straightforward, standard services. Our solutions create shared value for our clients, the environment and society. That sets us apart from our competitors.

To further enhance the sustainability of our fleet, we are combining forces with our partners in the chain. Generally in partnerships, we are working on innovative developments in the area of cleaner engines and environmentally friendly fuels, energy savings, the sustainable dismantling of our vessels, and cradle-to-cradle and recycling concepts.

Our ISO 14001 certification, which has been translated into clear and practical guidelines, shows that the application and improvement of our environmental performance is an ongoing focus of attention.

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