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Boskalis jaarverslagen 2012

Case: Safety is a shared concern

Boskalis has been working on the transformation of Harderwijk (Netherlands) since 2007. Commerce and industry in the heart of the town are making way for homes, shops and leisure attractions on the banks of the IJssel Lake. The Dolphinarium, Harderwijk’s leading attraction, is in the centre of the area being developed but easy access has been safeguarded for the million visitors who visit it every year. In view of the location and the local conditions, safety and location management are important themes in this major project.

Sustainability in our own work and in the chain

Kees de Boer: ‘Our operations in Harderwijk are as sustainable as possible. Soil flows and soil remediation have been designed to minimize transport. We are using our BeauDredge for the soil remediation operation. This is a large hydraulic machine that can suck up sand from a depth of 7 meters. We are depositing that sand on top of the contaminated asbestos layer, which will settle downwards automatically as a result. That is a safer and more sustainable approach than the alternative, which involves digging up the contaminated soil and taking it away, before bringing clean soil in from elsewhere.’

Boskalis project manager Kees de Boer: ‘We have a focus group, a website and newsletters for informing a large group of stakeholders about progress. Concern for safety is always an issue here. We also see a constant focus on this area as one of our responsibilities with respect to our subcontractors.’

Safety is always personal

Back in 2010, we organized a session with our clients and subcontractors to look at safety. ‘We discussed our NINA values and rules and how we can make them personal here’, recalls Kees. ‘The project began back in 2007 and was delayed, in part because of the economic crisis. Because of the long time period involved, the teams working on the project had also changed, at both Boskalis and the subcontractors. To maintain focus on this issue, another NINA startup was organized in early 2014 in close collaboration with the Dolphinarium. We invited all our subcontractors, who are generally regional SMEs.’

Safely to work

Kees de Boer: ‘The Dolphinarium’s approach to safety has a lot in common with ours. The animal trainers demonstrated that during the course of the NINA day: the essence is always about awareness and preparation. That message was clearly communicated to our own employees and the subcontractors. We had excellent discussions with one another. And then you can get across the emphasis on safety and our NINA philosophy. We want subcontractors to talk to us about safety, too. And we need them to accept that we will do the same in return. A session like this is a positive contribution to that mutual dialogue. We really do see people being more proactive. For example: we know the soil we are cleaning up could contain explosives. We have a procedure for that eventuality. But our colleagues are adopting a more active attitude, and come to us with questions of their own. They want to be well-informed because they realize how important that is for everybody’s safety.’

Talking to the locality

The issue of safety always emerges during discussions with other groups of stakeholders, such as the focus group and the local water sports association. Kees de Boer: ‘We are currently working on the old industrial estate, where the very active water sports association has a marina. We have meetings with the members every week. We provide them with detailed information about the project and safety because they also use our construction road. We are working on the construction of the new marina where the yachts and other leisure vessels sail in and out of the old marina. To ensure the safety of the crews and our employees, we have agreed on strict traffic rules with one another.’ Local residents and businesses want proper parking facilities to be maintained during the project. There is now a large parking lot on the promenade, which will be renovated. In time, this will be replaced by parking garages. Boskalis has advised carrying out this work in stages so that there will always be adequate parking space. ‘We have explained clearly the dangers our work involves in a central, busy location like this, and how we want to tackle everything as safely as possible.’

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