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Boskalis jaarverslagen 2012

Statement from the CEO

Dear reader,

This is our sixth CSR report. We have been working unremittingly in recent years on improving our sustainability performance and we are proud that we have made progress again this year in a range of areas.

Corporate Social Responsibility has become an integral component of our strategy and operations. Despite ongoing economic uncertainties in the world, we are seeing a rise in demand for sustainable solutions for complex maritime infrastructures and in our branch of industry, we want to lead the way in this development.

This report shows how, in the broad spectrum of our markets and clients, our solutions can generate shared value for our clients, the environment and society as a whole.

Life cycle responsability

We see innovation and enhanced sustainability in the chain as one of the core components of our CSR strategy. We work, often in partnerships, on innovative solutions to make the supply chain more sustainable. Following on from our Meet the Buyer program that started 2011, we organized another three Meet the Buyer sessions in 2014. Eighteen selected suppliers were invited and they talked to us about themes that included energy reduction, alternative fuels and human rights aspects. We selected five initiatives from the proposals that were presented at the meetings and we will be elaborating them further together with our suppliers over the next three years.

In the chain, we have a code of conduct for our suppliers and we conduct an annual implementation scan to assess compliance. This year, a group of twenty suppliers were visited in ten European countries and in North Africa. We help suppliers with sub-standard scores to improve their performance. This approach is working. Five companies who still had sub-standard scores in 2013 have now improved their performance satisfactorily.

Our sustainable procurement initiatives have received recognition: Boskalis won the 2014 Dutch Sourcing Award.

Our social performance

Our activities inherently have a relatively high risk profile. The safety of our employees and of our sub-contractors are a core.value and they receive the highest priority. Within the company, our safety program NINA (No Injuries No Accidents) is.familiar to everyone. Since it was introduced, the accident rate.– LTIF – has been reduced by no less than 87% from 0.67 to.0.09 in 2014.

In line with the 2014-2016 Corporate Business Plan, preparations were made for the introduction of the new divisional structure during the course of the year under review. That structure has now been implemented. The expansion of our portfolio as a result of the acquisition of SMIT, Dockwise and Fairmount requires a more focused approach to directing our strategic activities. Employee representatives were at all times closely involved with the establishment of the new organization model and gave their approval.

Sponsoring and donations are an indispensable part of our CSR policy and they focus on the areas, and particularly the communities in those areas, where Boskalis is active. In November 2014, Boskalis was awarded the SponsorRing in the Society category for the Beach Cleanup project.

Our environmental performance

Boskalis is progressive and innovative in eco-engineering. Our eco-engineering solutions are based on the Building with Nature innovation program in which we have been developing knowledge and design guidelines for maritime infrastructure since 2008. That involves fulfilling customer requirements and the demands of society, as well as creating new opportunities for nature. The Building with Nature pilot in Indonesia presented in this report is a good example of this approach. The program is being executed by the Ecoshape consortium, a cross-sectoral partnership in which Boskalis was one of the initiators. The consortium includes government agencies and research institutes in addition to private parties. The NGO Wetlands International joined in 2014.

In 2013, the NGO Shipbreaking Platform recognized us as an industry leader for our sustainable ship dismantling program. In 2014, we further elaborated our partnership with a yard in Mexico, contributing knowledge through intensive collaboration so that the yard could comply with our requirements relating to the sustainable dismantling of our vessels. We also invited the Shipbreaking Platform to inspect the dismantling process through visit in Mexico. Together with the yard, we were able to complete the sustainable dismantling of the cutter suction dredgers Mercurius, Para and Amstel in 2014.

We hope this report will provide you with a clear picture of our CSR performance, which is made possible by the talent and dedication of our colleagues throughout the world and unceasing support from our clients, shareholders and other stakeholders, whom we wish to thank here. We appreciate your suggestions for any improvements in our CSR policy and our reporting in this area and look forward to a constructive dialogue with you.

On behalf of the Board of Management

Peter Berdowski


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